A Delicious Souvenir

While out at The Station Inn in Nashville last evening, I couldn’t resist purchasing a GooGoo Cluster as usual. They was great gospel/inspirational singing going on, and I thought I might take one home (several blocks away) as a souvenir. Y’all….that souvenir sure was the best tasting thing I’ve tasted in a very long time. It was better than my first GooGoo many decades ago.

Keep up the great work. You never scrimp on the quality of your ingredients, the calories aren’t high, sodium is low as is the carb count. I noticed the new wrapper, and it’s working just fine to keep the candy fresh and full of flavor.

My mother (May she rest in peace) moved to Pittsburgh, PA in the 1980′s and found no GooGoos. She came and visited your office hoping to get GooGoos in at least one market or shop. She bought several boxes and had some shipped to her after that.

Now, I wish I had bought more than one. GooGoos are way too good.

— Betty Kendall

A TODAY Show Thank You

Pat on Today

On Thursday, December 19, 2013, I got to realize a dream by appearing on NBC’s TODAY Show. I got to talk with Matt, Savannah, Al, Natalie and Carson and take the show to commercial break with those famous words, “This is Today on NBC!”. It was quite a day for me and my family and friends. We were treated like VIP’s and is an event that none of us will ever forget.

To say thank you, I wanted to send something quintessentially Tennessee to the Associate Producer who helped me, Alex Ficquette, and all the anchors and behind the scenes professionals at NBC. So today, I sent the case of Goo Goos so that all could enjoy. I hope they like them as much as I have my whole life.

— Pat McAfee

Cherising Beautiful Memories

My mother grew up in Middle Tennessee in the 1940′s and 50′s. Her favorite treat as a child, and on into adulthood, was the Goo Goo Cluster. When she and my father married, they moved to Missouri where Goo Goo Clusters weren’t as easy to find (if at all in the 1960′s), so she made sure to enjoy them every time they made a trip back to Tennessee to visit her family. When I was 2 years old, we lost my mother in a tragic auto accident. Because I can’t really say that I remember anything about her, I have to cling to the wonderful memories about her that have been told to me by those who loved and knew her best. One of the things that has been told to me over and over again by both my father and my aunt is how much my mother adored Goo Goo Clusters — I mean, she ADORED them — ha ha!

While I was growing up in Missouri, I only had access to Goo Goo Clusters when we would travel to Tennessee to visit my mother’s family. My father would always make a point to buy a Goo Goo Cluster for me while we were there. Not only was it delicious, but it reminded us both of someone so precious that we had lost. I’m very happy to say that as an adult, I can now get a Goo Goo Cluster anytime I want — even in the state of Missouri (thank you, Cracker Barrel!)

Goo Goo Clusters all on their own are wonderful. But for me, they’re so much more than a yummy cluster of chocolate, peanuts, caramel and marshmallow (I’m a stickler for the Original that my mother loved). Because of the sweet thoughts they bring about my mother and those that loved her so much……you would think each one I ate was dipped in gold :)

Thank you so much Standard Candy Company for continuing to make something so special.

— Gretchen M

Goo Goo Love: Alyssa and Patrick’s Sweet Wedding

GOO_GOO Valentine truelove

Bride & Groom:

Alyssa and Patrick Connolly

Wedding Date:

August 3, 2013


Wedding Location:

Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

Photographer Credit:

Jessie Holloway Photography

Alyssa-Goo-Goo-Wedding-2Location of Wedding/Reception:

“When it came down to the planning we knew we wanted our wedding to portray our style as a couple and introduce some of our favorite things to our closest family and friends. Patrick and I held both our Ceremony and Reception at Marathon Village’s Event Space in Nashville. I had been in love with the historic buildings since a young age and enjoyed the urban flare it set for the evening.” ~ Alyssa

Alyssa-Goo-Goo-Wedding-3On having Goo Goo Clusters as part of the big day:

“Patrick and I both grew up with parents in the Military and were used to moving frequently. We met in High School while in Tennessee and it has been our longest stay for years. We now consider Nashville home and wanted to incorporate some southern treats into our wedding reception. From the drinks to the desserts we made sure to use local items from vendors here in town. Patrick and I were most excited about the desserts and wedding favors!

Since we are both foodies with quite a sweet tooth, we knew we wanted our favors to be edible. The first thing that came to our minds were Goo Goo Clusters! The Goo Goos were quite the rage all evening and were a hit with guests of all ages. Another thing I liked was that each Goo Goo Cluster was individually wrapped and allowed guests to stash a few for their trips home. I think this little sweet treat helped bring to life our vision in a big way and portray our love of the city to our out of town friends and family.” ~ Alyssa

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Bon Goo! from Haiti

My niece, born and raised in Nashville (a sixth generation Nasvillian) works in Haiti. Knowing that she sometimes misses her hometown I sent her a twelve pack of Goo Goo Candy Bars to share with her office staff.

My thank you note from her came in the form of a picture posted on Facebook of her Haitian coworker pronouncing Goo Goo Bars to be "Bon Goo!".

— Darla Joure


I was in my early twenties and working for Capitol/EMI at the New York office in their Promotion Dept. In 1980, we had a new British band named Kajagoogoo and someone at the record company used the Goo Goo Cluster as part of a promotion for the band. We had a substantial shipment sent directly from the factory to New York to use as giveaways for an appearance by the band.

Despite the fact that I had lived in South Carolina in the mid 1970s and made frequent trips to Eastern Tennessee, I had never gotten the opportunity to try a Goo Goo Cluster. Well, when the promotion director brought in a few boxes just for us and I got my first taste of a fresh one …. WOW!

I think I snuck about 10 of them out of my office to take home! Without question, they are the most delicious candy I have ever tasted!

— Terry Day

Goo Goo Love: Russ and Carrie’s Sweet Wedding

GOO_GOO Valentine truelove

Bride & Groom: 

Carrie and Russ Ramsey

Date of Wedding:

May 26, 2013

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Location of Wedding/Reception:

“Russ and I met while both attending graduate school at Vanderbilt, and our first dates were filled with exploring everything Nashville had to offer (restaurants, concerts, outdoor activities).  It was important to us that our friends and family experienced the city we fell in love with, especially since most of our wedding guests were visiting Nashville for the first time.

We exchanged our vows at Scarritt Bennett’s Wightman Chapel, which was right down the street from where Russ and I first met. Afterwards, we headed to the Nashville Zoo, where cocktail hour was filled with carousel rides and special guest appearances by a few ‘animal ambassadors’, followed by dining and dancing in the Jungle Terrace Pavilion. ” ~ Carrie

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On having Goo Goo Clusters as part of the big day:

“One of our favorite parts of the wedding planning process was putting together gift bags for our out-of-town guests.  Since these gift bags would serve as the first official ‘welcome’ to our guests, we knew Goo Goo Clusters were the perfect item to give our guests a taste of Nashville.

And perfect they were!  We had friends and family coming up to us all weekend saying, ‘And those Goo Goo Clusters?? Amazing! I’m going to find some more to take back with me to Texas/Michigan/Massachusetts/Oregon/etc.’

We could not have had a more perfect addition to our wedding gift bags, and we could not have worked with better people at Goo Goo to make it happen.” ~ Carrie

Follow my recent work here: www.facebook.com/paulrowlandphotography

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International Vanderbilt Executive MBA Program loves Goo Goo

We host more than 50 executive students from partner schools in Brazil, Canada, and Mexico. When we started putting together a bag of goodies for our guests we wanted something truly "Nashville." Of course, GooGoo clusters were the first thing to come to mind! Thank you Standard Candy for being a Nashville tradition for 100 years! We are proud to feature GooGoos as part of our international Vanderbilt Executive MBA Program!

— Juli Bennett

Rain or Pour, Goo Goos Rule!

Driving from Palm Springs to Los Angeles.
It was raining so hard, traffic was moving at 10 MPH and the windshield wipers were overwhelmed by the huge volume of rain pounding my car.

I remembered that I had a box of Goo Goos in the trunk and the longer the rain lasted, the more I thought about that box of Goo Goos.

Why not? I pulled over and casually walked to my trunk, getting totally drenched and grabbed that box of heaven.

The remainder of my trip was a real pleasure. I was soaking wet, but every bite of my Goo Goos made my trip fabulous. I didn’t care how long the rain lasted or how long it would take
to get to L.A.

Goo Goos rule!

— Alan Hamel

Great Childhood Memory

Growing up as a child in Mississippi, I remember my dad taking us to this country store up the street. It was a tradition of his to take us to the store each Friday afternoon. My siblings would run in and grab various kinds of candy and chips and other treats. I didn’t. I had one candy on my mind and it was a Goo-Goo Cluster. I remember the shiny silver pack and how I used to finish it before leaving the store. Over the years, nothing has changed. Today at 31 years old, GooGoo Cluster is still my favorite candy. As a mother of two, my daughter’s and I have one thing in common. Our love for the GooGoo Cluster. Though the wrapper and the packaging has changed with time, the candy itself is still the same. The flavor brings back a childhood memory each time I have one. The GooGoo Cluster is a great childhood memory of mine and from the looks of it, my children will have the same memory when they become adults.

— Heather Harris -Glover

Goo Goo Love – Jacklyn and Ben’s Sweet Wedding

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Charles M. Schulz

It is only appropriate that we kick of the month of February, the month of love and chocolate, with a wedding story, don’t ya think?

Bride & Groom: 

Jacklyn and Ben McGlothlin

Date of Wedding:

October 13, 2012

Location of Wedding/Reception:

“Both the wedding and reception were at Front Porch Farms, about 20 minutes outside of Nashville in Ashland City.  We were so lucky to be able to get married and party the night away with close friends and family outside overlooking the rolling hills on a gorgeous fall Tennessee night.” ~ Jacklyn

On having Goo Goo Clusters as part of the big day:

“Both Ben and I are Belmont grads and called Nashville home for many years.  Although our career paths have taken us away from the city we both love, when we got engaged, we knew precisely where we wanted our life together to begin: Nashville.  We wanted to share the city we love so much with those we love.

While planning the wedding, we made a point to stay local and really showcase the best of the city and why we love it.  So when it came to choosing party favors, we knew exactly what we wanted: Goo Goos.  Not only were the people at Goo Goo great to work with (which is always a plus for a busy bride-to-be), but they were a HUGE hit! They may not have known what Goo Goos were before they came to Nashville but they definitely do now.

I am so glad we got to incorporate Goo Goos into our big day and I’m so thankful we ordered extras!  My only regret…not hiding some for me and the husband. Well, I could always use a good reason to go to Nashville!” ~ Jacklyn

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Enjoying Goo Goos for Over 50 Years

Wow! I remember eating Goo Goos from as long as I was allowed to go to the store by myself. I would walk to the corner store and buy them. They were were either five or ten cents then. I would eat them at least 2-3 times a week. You could say I was addicted to them. At that time they were only here in middle Tennessee, which as I got older made me feel like we had a secret and the whole world was not in on it.

I joined the Army in 1981, and my first duty station was in Texas, I would buy Goo Goos by the case and take them with me there. People would ask "what is that ?" And proudly I would say "Its a Goo Goo, you can only get them in Tennessee" I shared them and was known in my barracks as the Goo Goo guy. When I was assigned to Germany, in 1983, I used to have my mom send Goo Goos as part of my care package from home. As it turned out, my company commander was from Nashville and he appreciated that I would share "a bit of home" with him.

As the years passed, I still enjoy Goo Goos, even getting them for my employees when I was a manager for Krispy Kreme. I would get them by the case and had them out for Christmas presents.

I’m in my 50′s now and still enjoy a fresh Goo Goo every now and then. There is nothing like it in the world and I for one am glad that I was born in the South and was privileged enough to have this made here in my hometown.

— Darryl Floyd

Darlene and the Boys

Dear Standard Candy Company,

Our band "Darlene And The Boys" is based in Minnesota.
We perform classic country and variety music all across Minnesota and Wisconsin with my Wife Darlene and I making trips to Nashville for music related functions.

When our band performs at events, we have a fun country music trivia contest (example: What was Johnny cash’s first number one song?) The person who is first to answer correctly wins a GOO GOO CLUSTER!

We’ve had so much fun with this over the years that it has become a regular part of our show!

Thanks for a great product!


Ken Nelson
Darlene And The Boys
www.darleneandtheboys.net or .com

P.S. If you have any promotional posters that we may use for our trivia portion of our show that would be awesome!
We will also add your link to our website!

— Ken Nelson

Denmark Fan

Uhhhmmmm just had my first GooGoo in about 2 years, so sweet and soft ….. oh how I missed them :)

While living in Nashville as en exchange student in the early ’90, GooGoo’s became my favorite candy. Moving back to Denmark, I had to kick my "one GooGoo a day" habit, and limit myself to the care-packages sent by good friends, and what I could bring back when visiting Nashville. So just wanted to let you know that you have a big fan in Denmark, who loves your product …..and who just recieved 20 GooGoo’s, which will keep him happy over Christmas.

Merry Christmas to every one at Standard Candy Co.
Rasmus Berthelsen

— Rasmus Berthelsen

A Treasure Found

I can’t believe I have found you again!!
I am a mom of 3 girls, and was looking for something other than the generic boring re-packaged Christmas candies for stocking stuffers (snickers in a green wrapping – yeah, that’s special!) when I stumbled upon my old childhood delight at the World Market – my beloved Goo Goo Clusters!
I am a native Washingtonian, but spent my childhood summers visiting my only uncle in Nashville. I have so many memories associated with Goo Goo Clusters – Uncle Mo and his player piano ("Heart of my Heart"), Opryland, and well, Nashville!!
I could not believe it when I was shopping at the World Market (which specializes in exotic European items) and spy a box of simply wrapped, totally treasured …..Goo Goo Clusters.
I unwrapped one of these treasures not knowing if my childhood memories would ever measure up to reality, thinking that this candy was only great in my imagination….but lo and behold, you are better than I remember! I think that every candy and candy company will never find the perfect blend that is a Goo Goo Cluster. Snickers, Milky Way and Mars Bars are incomplete versions of my beloved Goo Goo Cluster.
Thanks so much for sticking around and not giving up to the bigger candy companies.
I plan to spread the word to my friends and share this little treasure……….what a great Christmas!
Patti Hempel

— Patti Hempel

In Love with Peanut Butter Goo Goo Clusters

I tried Goo Goo Clusters for the first time yesterday at the Chicago Chocolate Show and totally fell in the love with the peanut butter cluster! They are way better than a Reese’s, since you have the crunch from the peanuts along with the super smooth peanut butter filling coated in chocolate.

At the show, there were so many fancy artisan truffles, with flavors like merlot or honey whiskey. There was vegan chocolate, chocolate gelato, brownies, cake pops, eclairs and toffee. Both Valrhona and Barry Callebaut had stands and professional chocolatiers were making sculptures. I ate far too much chocolate and actually had a tummy ache by the time I left, but I think the best thing I ate all day were your humble Goo Goo Clusters. I’ll definitely be looking for them in stores near me next time I’m craving something sweet!

— Amber G

Finding Goo Goo Clusters Again

It’s been many years since I have even seen Goo Goo Cluster candy bars. They were favorites of mine and my older sister used to make fun of me for being so nuts about them. I didn’t care one little bit.
A lot of years ago they disappeared from the candy sections in the stores here. I’d forgotten all about them until I saw this story. I used the Find A Store app and there they were- just a short drive from my house!
I can’t even describe how much I loved them and glad it makes me to have found Goo Goo Clusters again!

— Carol Mitchell

Lunchbox Treat

My dad worked as a welder and carried his metal lunch box every day. In the evenings sometimes he would surprise us three girls by having one of us carry in his lunchbox and at least once a week when we opened it there would be three Goo Goo Cluster treats for us. To this day, 50 years later, it is still my favorite candy treat. None other compares.

— Beverly Forester

Buying Goo Goos Since the 1950s

I saw on Fox News this a.m. that GooGoo Cluster was celebrating its 100 birthday. I can remember when I was in grade school (mid 1950′s) getting to go across the street to a little neighborhood grocery store and buying a GooGoo Cluster. I had to save my allowance money in order to buy it – I think it cost ten cents back then. It was a REAL treat since I had to save and pay for it myself.

Happy Birthday!

— Ann Rebholz

Flipping for Goo Goos in Michigan

Several years ago I was dealing with relocation specialists in MI. I had a great relationship and I wanted to do something for them for Christmas but didn’t have a big budget, so I bought a case of Goo Goo clusters and sent it to them. They all flipped over them and said they were gone in one day. Later the next year one of the specialists came to Nashville on vacation so we got together. She told me that the rest of the crew told her that she couldn’t come back without at least two cases of Goo Goo’s. I was thrilled to think I helped make Nashville to be known for more than just country music.

— Sarah Fitts